1917 – Until the Day Dawns

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1917 – Until the Day Dawns

A premiere season to acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. This play follows the journey of three young Otago men from a warm summer day fishing by the Taieri River in the Maniototo to the cold and morbid horrors of the River Somme over the year 1917. Some experiences are shared, others are faced alone. Some truths are admitted, others are not. Some dawns bring the sun and daylight, others only shadows and darkness.

Cast and crew


Keith Scott


Billy Wilson - Ashley Stewart
Sam Mulholland - Laith Bayan
Jack Mathews - Daniel Cromar
David Macgregor - Brook Bray
Bessie Mulholland - Denise Casey
Maggie Mathews - Maisie Thursfield
Marie Chabot - Lynne Keen
Runner - Emmett Hardie
Army Padre - Emmett Hardie
Captain Weir - Emmett Hardie
Vocalist And Musician - Bill Morris


Stage Manager - Christine Johnstone
Assistant Stage Manager - Brook Bray
Lighting Design - Brian Byas
Sound - Brian Byas
Technical Operator - Brian Byas
Set Design - Keith Scott
Set Build - Ray Fleury
Set Build - Keith Scott
Costume (Women) - Charmian Smith
Costume (Men) - Barbara Bishop
Costume (Uniforms) - Aaron Fox
Front of House Manager - Leanne Byas
Costume (Women) - Keith Scott
Costume (Men) - Keith Scott
Playwright - Keith Scott