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The Ladykillers is set in London in the 1950s, in the house belonging to an old lady, Mrs Wilberforce, who lives alone with her parrot, General Gordon. Money is tight so she is delighted when the apparently very respectable musician, Professor Marcus, asks whether he might rent rooms in her house and use then as a space for himself and four other musician friends to rehearse for a concert. Unfortunately for her – and ultimately, for them – the five friends are in fact a bunch of criminals who are planning to rob a security van when it arrives at a location very close to the house. Of course, everything that can go wrong does so as this crazy, frenetic comedy works its way through to its not quite predictable ending.

This stage production has been adapted by Graham Linehan, best known for being the writer behind TV comedies Father Ted and The I.T. Crowd, from William Rose’s 1950s film . This Globe production is directed by Brian Beresford and will be onstage from 7 -16 December

Cast and crew


Brian Beresford


Constable Macdonald - Brook Bray
Mrs Louise Wilberforce - Yvonne Jessop
Professor Marcus - Campbell Thomson
Major Courteney - Sam Ogden
Harry Robinson - Thomas Makinson
One-Round - Chris Summers
Louis Harvey - Reuben Hilder
Mrs Jane Tromleyton - Beth Evans


Stage Manager - Anisha Hensley
Lighting Design And Operation - Brian Byas
Lighting Operation - Jamie Byas
Set Design - Brian Beresford
Set Construction - Ray Fleury
Wardrobe - Rachael McCann
Rehearsal Prompt - Beth Evans
Front of House - Leanne Byas