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A Tale of Two Spectators

Written by Peter Manos, directed by Chris Klemetson.

A man and a woman contemplate their lives and develop a bond with each other, as they secretly watch their respective spouses carry on an affair.

Close to Croydon

Written by Gillian Plowman, directed by Will Larkins.

Trapped in an overturned railway carriage, Hugo and Maria, while awaiting rescue, discuss past, present, and future, as their time slowly runs out.

Shifting Sands

Written by Denise Walsh, directed by Maiya Hunter.

A year out of high school, five girls spend a day at the beach; they find that their positions have changed in that year.

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About The Globe Theatre Dunedin

The Theatre in the House

The multi-award winning Globe Theatre is one of Dunedin’s foremost community theatres, begun by Patric and Rosalie Carey in 1961 when they extended the drawing room of their 1860’s London St home to create an intimate 30 seat theatre. This was later enlarged into the current 70 seat theatre. The Globe can claim many firsts, including the Australasian premiere of Samuel Becket’s Waiting for Godot, being the birthplace of the plays of James K Baxter and premiering other local playwrights.

Theatre in Dunedin has changed since 1961 and the Globe has changed with it, producing a varied annual season of modern and classic plays of all genres.

The Globe is administered by The Friends of the Globe and relies entirely on volunteer support. Anyone who is interested in being involved is welcomed – acting, directing, as stage crew and set builders, as technical operators or Front of House. To become a member of The Friends of the Globe click the Membership Tab. To keep up to date with what we are doing, like and follow our Facebook page.


The PO Box address at the bottom of this page is no longer accurate. Please send all correspondence to 29 Byron St, Mornington.

We no longer have a phone number, and therefore no longer take bookings or do any other business through that method.

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