Winter Series – An Hour with the Irish

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Winter Series – An Hour with the Irish

The Green by Emer Lyons directed by Martin Swann and Riders to the Sea by John Synge directed
by Louise Petherbridge

In the second of our Winter short season series we present The Green, a modern piece by Irish born
Dunedin playwright Emer Lyons which tells of one woman’s fight to stop progress from destroying
her town. The second play is an early 20th century classic by celebrated Irish playwright John Synge.
Riders to the Sea is poignant and tragic as a mother and her daughters face losing the menfolk
of the family to the sea. The programme includes an energetic interlude entertainment by Kathryn
Olcott’s Irish Beat Dancers.

Cast and crew


Louise Petherbridge
Martin Swann


Maurya (Riders To the Sea) - Terry MacTavish
Cathleen (Riders To the Sea) - Rosie Dunn
Nora (Riders To the Sea) - Orla Dick
Bartley (Riders To the Sea) - Reuben Hilder
Woman Mourner (Riders To the Sea) - Yvonne Jessop
Villager (Riders To the Sea) - Emmett Hardie
Villager (Riders To the Sea) - Richard Huber
Cornelia (The Green) - Ruth Wheeler
Doris (The Green) - Sandy Cleary
Toby (The Green) - Richard Huber
Peter (The Green) - Emmett Hardie


Lighting - Brian Byas
Set - Ray Fleury
Sound (The Green) - Martin Swann
Sound (Riders To the Sea) - Brian Byas
Stage Manager - Jamie Byas
Wardrobe (Riders To the Sea) - Sofie Welvaert
Production Manager - Keith Scott