Under the Sycamore Tree

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You have heard of a bird’s eye view, and a worm’s eye view. Now we give you an ant’s eye view. This play is meant to be fun, but there is also a solid content to it which will not escape you. If you should find some presentation surprising who is to say that he ants don’t do it that way.

Cast and crew


Aubrey Stephens


The Queen - Betty Usher
Chief Statistician - Ray Fogo
Scientist - John Park
General - Victor O’Leary
Boy - Roy Duncan
Girl - Beth Stephens
Brown Ant - Doreen Ives
Young Man - Roy Duncan
Young Girl - Fern Mercier
Worker - Diane Marshall


Costume Design - Patricia Bell
Decor - Denis Trainor
Lighting - Neil Walker
Sound - Bevan Dodds
A. S. M. - Diane Marshall
A. S. M. - Beverley Nicol
A. S. M. - Fern Mercier
A. S. M. - Doreen Ives