Sylvia Plath: A Dramatic Portrait

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Sylvia Plath: A Dramatic Portrait

“It isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself” – Sylvia Plath. This intriguing play was developed for the National Theatre (UK) and the Globe production is an Australasian premiere. The short, and ultimately self-destructive story of the famous American “confessional” poet is told through a combination of her own works and a narrative of her life. The bright sunlight and the dark storms of this unique artist are portrayed by three actors – each of whom are a different part of her. This play, part of the 2018 Winter Series, will engage, engross and encourage.

Cast and crew


Perry Spicer


Sylvia 1 - Beth Lochhead
Sylvia 2 - Lauren Meckel
Sylvia 3 - Alison Cowan
Narrator 1 - Yvonne Jessop
Narrator 2 - Perry Spicer


Production Manager - Keith Scott
Sound And Lighting - Brian Byas
Costuming - Sofie Welvaert