Romeo and Juliet (1961)

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For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Cast and crew


Rosalie Carey
Patric Carey


Samson - Dougal Stevenson
Gregory - Peter Scoular
Abraham - Richard Stedman
Benvolio - John Park
Tybalt - Peter Sanders
Montague - Victor O’Leary
Capulet - Patric Carey
Lady Montague - Heather Douglas
Lady Capulet - Yvonne Welsh
Escales - Maurice O’Reilly
Paris - Peter McMeiken
Mercutio - Michael Devine
Peter - Maurice O’Reilly
Romeo - Richard Butler
Nure to Juliet - Peggy Stedman
Juliet - Dallas Campbell
Friar Laurence - Lance Tonkin
An Apothecary - Richard Stedman
Friar John - Michael Devine
Balthasar - Barry Martin
Pages - Michael Stedman
Pages - Phillip Tonkin
Citizens of Verona - Glenys Gale
Citizens of Verona - Gabrielle Johnston
Citizens of Verona - Robyn Kirkland
Citizens of Verona - Janet Edwards
Citizens of Verona - Graham Ward
Citizens of Verona - Barry Martin


Wardrobe - Patricia Bell
Properties - Robin Patterson
Publicity - Mary Latta
Lighting - Neil Walker
Stage Manager - Doreen Ives
Asst. Stage Manager - Jane Paris
Music arranged by - Nigel Eastgate
Music played by - Nigel Eastgate
Music played by - Peter Platt
Music played by - John Veale
Music played by - Peter McIntyre
Programme design - Richard Stedman