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Richard II (2019)

The most accessible of Shakespeare’s political plays, a study of a conflicted character that only “Hamlet” eclipses, and the most exquisite verse ever written. In an exciting new treatment by Dunedin playwright Keith Scott, with costumes by Charmian Smith, set painting by Chris Vialle, this lavish production was a feast for the mind, ears and eyes.

Cast and crew


Keith Scott


Richard II King of England - Alfred Richardson
Henry Bolingbroke, Richard's Cousin - Cheyne Jenkinson
John of Gaunt,Bolingbroke's Father - Nigel Ensor
The Duke of York, Uncle To Richard - Ray Spence
The Duchess of York - Terry MacTavish
Aumerle - Daniel Cromar
Northumberland - Campbell Thomson
Mowbray - Reuben Hilder
Scroop - Reuben Hilder
Bushy - Thomas Makinson
Groom - Thomas Makinson
Bagot - Philip Greenspoon
Green - Martin Page
Willoughby - Rob Stewart
Ross - Edward Matthews
Queen - Beth Lochhead
Carlisle - David Thomson
The Playwright - Warren Chambers


Stage Manager - Alison Cowan
Sound & Lighting Design/Operator - Brian Byas
Set Design - Keith Scott
Set Build - Ray Fleury
Set Build - Don Vialle
Set Artwork Design & Creation - Chris Vialle
Costume Design & Construction - Charmian Smith
Costumier - Charmian Smith
Armour Construction - Sofie Welvaert
Swords & Scabbards - LLoyd Smith
Royal Regalia - Keith Scott
Front of House Manager - Leanne Byas
Costume Assistant - Tamsin Braisher
Costume Assistant - Helen Davies
Costume Assistant - Leigh Brusse
Script Adaptation - Keith Scott