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Much Ado About Nothing

After a failed espionage attempt within the media empire of Messina, Don Pedro and company take some respite in a little family run newspaper office on the fringe of his empire. Upon their arrival Claudio falls for the fair Hero and nuptials are planned. Jane, Don Pedro’s bastard sister still licking her wounds from her failed coup is hell bent on causing as much havoc as possible, with no regard for the end result, even if the end result is death.

Laced with elements of mistaken identity, misdirection, and robust humour, Much Ado about Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s best comedies. The more the characters try to dig themselves out of their respective holes the larger those holes get. Put the more serious themes of honour, shame, and the effects of gossip into the mix and we have a play that has endured through the ages.

By the end you will be left thinking would any of this have happened if they had just talked to each other.

Cast and crew


Dale Neill


Don Pedro - Jerome Rouse
Lady Jane - Sofie Welvaert
Claudio - Ashley Stewart
Benedick - Thomas Makinson
Leonato - Helen Fearnley
Antonio - Campbell Thomson
Balthazar - Oscar Macdonald
Borachio - Cain Sleep
Conrade - Anna Dawes
Messenger - Callum Davies
Friar Francis - Nick Brook
Dogberry - Emmett Hardie
Verges - Oscar Macdonald
1st Watchman - Sam Ogden
2nd Watchman - Andrew Brinsley-Pirie
A Boy - Jamie Byas
Hero - Bonnie Stewart
Beatrice - Laura Wells
Margaret - Gabrielle Golding
Ursula - Kay Masters