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Cinders: The True Story

This magical fairytale of Cinderella is like no other, but it does contain the usual elements: yes, there’s a widowed Baron, remarried to a harridan of a Baroness, who dotes upon her two hideous daughters, Cinderella’s step-sisters; yes, Cinderella is reduced to the life of a skivvy at Hardup Hall, befriended by fellow servant, the infatuated Buttons; yes, there’s a Prince Charming looking for a wife, dogged by the King’s servant, Dandini; yes, Fate brings the Prince and Cinderella together, not quite in the way you might expect, and they all live … well, you know the rest! Yes, Fate operates in surprising ways, as you will see… Yet, this pantomime is no different to others: it combines slapstick, singing and dancing with the traditions of audience participation (yes, actively boo and hiss the baddies; cheer the goodies; commiserate with the down-trodden; take sides in the arguments – Oh yes, you can/ Oh no, you can’t!) with the traditions of gender role reversals. Perfect entertainment for the Festive Season.

Cast and crew


Lynne Keen


The Hairy Godmother - Campbell Thomson
Cinderella - Jen Hughson
Dotty - Thomas Makinson
Potty - Edward Matthews
Prince Charming - Beth Lochhead
Baron Hardup - David Thomson
Baroness Hardup - Belinda Leckie
Dandini - Jude Conway
Buttons - Mikayla Cameron
Pantomime Cow - Mikayla Cameron
Pantomime Cow - Tomuri Spicer
Villagers & Palace Servants - Ocean Manutulila
Villagers & Palace Servants - Stella Wispinski
Villagers & Palace Servants - Tomuri Spicer
Villagers & Palace Servants - Maia Campbell


Stage Manager - Kay Masters
Assistant Stage Manager - Hannah Byas
Set Construction - Ray Fleury
Lighting And Sound Design - Brian Byas
Lighting And Sound Operators - Jamie Byas
Lighting And Sound Operators - Dante Dawes
Lighting And Sound Operators - Sam Souquet
Lighting And Sound Operators - Jo Throp
Costumes - Sofie Welvaert
Costume Assistant - Kura Carpenter
Make Up & Wig Styling - Karen Wispinski
Make Up & Wig Styling - Stella Wispinski
Poster Campaign - Liam Fitzpatrick
Front of House Manager - Leanne Byas