Arms and the Man

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An anti-romantic comedy

Cast and crew


Rosalie Carey
Patric Carey
Betty Dodds
Glenys Gale


Rainer Petkoff - Dallas Campbell
Catherine Petkoff - Peggy Durrant
Louka - Beth Stephens
Captain Bluntschli - John Fairmaid
Nicola - Peter Burns
Major Petkoff - Eric Herd
Major Saranoff - John Park
A Russian Officer - Martin Harris
A Soldier - Peter Engelsbretson


Costumes designed and mad - Irene Adcock
Costumes designed and mad - Susan Ferguson
Lighting - Tony Ferguson
Sound - Bevan Dodds
Set Construction - John Park
Set Construction - John Fairmaid
Set Construction - Bill Ferguson
Set Construction - Fred Kersh
Set Construction - Beth Stephens