What a fabulous way to spend your autumn evenings with a season of iconic NZ films – hard to choose which one to see? No worries, it’s $20 per film or $80 for 5 movies – come to them all! Each ticket includes a choice of either a House Red or White wine, a beer or a soft drink and popcorn. 

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Came a Hot Friday – Wednesday 4th May, 7:00pm

Directed by Ian Mune. Two con men use delayed radio broadcasts to rip off rural bookies in 1949 New Zealand.

UTU: Redux – Thursday 5th May, 7:00pm

Directed by Geoff Murphy. A tattooed Maori leads a reign of terror after a British massacre in 1870s New Zealand.

The Quiet Earth – Friday 6th May 7:00pm

Directed by Geoff Murphy. Zac wakes up from a failed suicide and finds himself alone on earth. 

Goodbye Pork Pie – Saturday 7th May, 7:00pm 

Directed by Geoff Murphy. The 1981 Classic comedy about two men in a stolen car, make it all the way to Invercargill.

Vigil – Sunday 8th May, 2:00pm Matinee

Directed by Vincent Ward, A drama about a young farm girl dealing with the accidental death of her father.

Films courtesy of Te Tumu Whakaata Taonga New Zealand Film Commission.