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Past Productions

We have loaded most of our previous productions, but we know there's more. If you have any programmes from previous productions not listed here, please get in touch.
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100 Years of Women in Politics in NZReading and Song1975
1917 - Until the Day DawnsKeith Scott2017
5 Plays at the GlobeKatherine Mansfield1996
A Christmas CarolCharles Dickens1982
A Clean Pair of BootsRichard Boraman1982
A Cup of Tea and a BiscuitAndrew Cook2009
A Delicate BalanceEdward Albee1969
A Dolls HouseHenrik Ibsen2001
A Hole in the HeadDick Boraman1984
A Kind of AlaskaHarold Pinter1987
A Life in the TheatreDavid Mamet2005
A Man for all SeasonsRobert Bolt2005
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2014)William Shakespeare2014
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Date Unknown)William ShakespeareUnknown
A Month in the CountryTurgenev1963
A Penny for a SongJohn Whiting1972
A Phoenix Too FrequentChristopher FryUnknown
A Resounding TinkleN F Simpson1978
A Sleep of PrisonersChristopher Fry1970
A State of SiegeJanet Frame and Rosalie Carey1970
A Whole World in a CupRevue1971
A Will and No WillCharles Macklin1986
Absurd Person SingularAlan Ayckbourn2004
Accidental Death of an AnarchistDario Fo2006
Act Without WordsSamuel Beckett1967
Action ReplayFay Weldon1989
Albert CamusStuart Gilbert1962
All's Well that EndsHarry Love2010
AmedeeEugene Ionesco1981
America HurrahJean-Claude van Italie1969
American BuffaloDavid Mamet2004
An Evening with BaxterJames K Baxter1967
An Illustrated Death of EddieSimon O'Connor1993
And so to Bed, Restoration EveningReadings1980
Animal FarmOrwell adapted by H Smith1984
Antigone (1968)Sophocles1968
Antigone (1977)Sophocles1977
Antigone (1996)Sophocles1996
Arabella & the Amazing WardrobeMichelanne Forster1981
Arms and the ManGeorge Bernard Shaw1962
As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare2001
At the moment, “Who am I?”Louise Petherbridge2014
Balance of PaymentsRobert Lord2015
Baroque ConcertLocal Musicians1972
Beautiful ThingJonathan Harvey2005
Beggars OperaJohn Gay2004
BetrayalHarold Pinter1997
Between These Four Walls(revue)1967
Biedermann and the Fire-RMax Frisch1981
Bits of the BardWilliam Shakespeare1997
Blithe SpiritNoel Coward2011
Blood of the LambBruce Mason2018
Blood WeddingFrederico Garcia Lorca1989
Brecht at the GlobeBertolt Brecht1982
Brief EncounterNoel Coward2013
Bullshot CrummondAlan Shearman, Derek Cunningham, Diz White, John Neville-Andrews, and Ronald E. House2015
Carluccio and the Queen of HeartsGeorge Rosie2011
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofTennessee Williams1973
Charley's AuntBrandon Thomas2016
CharlieRosalie Carey1983
Chicken Soup with BarleyArnold Wesker1963
Children of the PoorMervyn Thompson2001
China Dances and 3 ShortR A K Mason1979
China WarsRobert Lord1988
Christmas in the Market PlaceGheon1967
Cinders: The True StoryDavid Tristram2018
Classical Indian DanceSudha Hall1979
Classical Indian Dance RecitalUnkown1969
CocktailT S Eliot1971
Come and GoSamuel BeckettUnknown
ComebackRosalie Carey1983
ConfusionsAlan Ayckbourn1983
Conversations with a GolliwogGuyan1963
CoriolanusWilliam Shakespeare1997
CryNigel Ensor2007
Dance Boy for RainAlan Loney1971
Dark Lady of the SonnetsGeorge Bernard Shaw1977
Daughters of Heaven (1992)Michelanne Forster1992
Daughters of Heaven (2005)Michealanne Foster2005
Death of a Salesman (1975)Arthur Miller1975
Death of a Salesman (2019)Arthur Miller2019
Doctor FaustusChristopher Marlowe1983
Doing a Good One For the Red ManMark Medoff1988
Dusa, Fish, Stas and ViPam Gems1982
Each His Own WildernessD Lessing1987
EasterAugust Strindberg1970
Edendale StationRosalie Carey1981
Endgame (1961)Samuel Beckett1961
Endgame (1968)J K Baxter1968
Enter a Free ManTom Stoppard1984
Entertaining Mr SloanJoe Orton1992
ExilesJames Joyce1972
Exit the KingEugene Ionesco1976
Fando and LisArrabel1963
Find Me/TissueOlwyn Wymark/Louise Page1986
Finding MurdochMargot McRae2018
Five-Finger ExerciseShaffer1979
Flour Bag YearsReadings1986
Flowers of the EarthUnknown1980
Fool for LoveSam Sheppard1985
Four SeasonsWesker1969
Four Stories HighUnknown2001
Ghosts (1980)Henrik Ibsen1980
Ghosts (2017)Henrik Ibsen, adaptation by Richard Eyre2017
Glide TimeRoger Hall2007
Glitter and SpitRobert Lord2015
Habeas CorpusAlan Bennett1986
Hamish and GreerEmily Duncan2007
Hamlet (1958)William Shakespeare1964
Hamlet (1988)William Shakespeare1988
Hamlet (2000)William Shakespeare1972
HamnetteHarry Love2001
Happy Birthday, Wanda JuneVonnegut1984
Hay FeverNoel Coward2001
Heartbreak HouseShaw1976
Hedda GablerIbsen1961
Her Aching HeartBryony Lavery1993
Home (1974)David Storey1974
Home (2007)David Storey2007
Hotel Paradiso (1966)Feydeau1966
Hotel Paradiso (1985)Faydeau1985
Huis ClosSartre1962
I'm talking about JerusalemArnold Wesker1963
Initmate RelationsCocteau1987
Jane Austen EveningJane Austen1982
Jerusalem, JerusalemMike Riddell2002
Journey's EndR C Sherriff2014
Joyful and TriumphantRobert Lord2003
Juno and PaycockO'Casey1966
Kaz - A Working GirlLeah Poulter1996
Kindly Leave the StageJohn Chapman2010
King LearWilliam Shakespeare1998
Labour Weekend Gala FundraiserVarious playwrights2014
Ladies dayAristophanes1967
Lady Precious StreamHsiung Shih-I1963
Lady SusanJane Austen2014
Lady Windermere's FanOscar Wilde1998
LandscapeH Pinter1973
LarnachMichelanne Forster2019
Le MalentenduAlbert Camus1985
Lines to a Mock TurtleWarren Dibble1969
Little EyolfHenric Ibsen1962
Little MurdersFeiffer1974
Look Back in Anger (1978)John Osborne1978
Look Back in Anger (2015)John Osborne2015
Loose Boards and SeagullsOlds1967
LovepukeDuncan Sarkies2012
Lysistrata (1963)Aristophanes1963
Lysistrata (1981)Aristophanes1981
Macbeth (1995)William Shakespeare1995
Macbeth (2013)William Shakespeare2013
Major BarbaraShaw1975
Marat SadePeter Weiss1967
Marching SongJohn Whiting1973
Maria MartenAnon1962
MarkBetty Jane Wylie1986
Marley was DeadCharles Dickens2013
Marvin's RoomScott McPherson2004
Mary StuartFriedrich Schiller2016
Mauri Tu / TataiHone Kouka / Rua McCallum2003
Me and My FriendGillian Plowman2009
Measure for Measure (1978)William Shakespeare1978
Measure for Measure (2001)William Shakespeare2001
Modern Man at BreakfastGuyan1963
Mother Courage and Her ChildrenBertolt Brecht1976
Mothers and FathersJoe Musaphia2004
Mr O'Dwyer's Dancing PartyBaxter1968
Much Ado About NothingWilliam Shakespeare2017
Murder in the DarkBronwyn Bannister1989
Music HallBrian Beresford &Barry Do2002
Musical BeastsMichelaane Forster1980
My Lute Awake (Elizabethan Music and VoiUnknown1977
NamPhillip Mann1973
Next Time I'll Sing Ror YouSaunders1973
Night Must FallEmly Williams1999
Noh PlaysBertolt Brecht1982
Oedipus at ColonusSophocles2000
Oedipus RexSophocles1972
Old TimesHarold Pinter2008
On Baile's Strand/The WordW B Yeats1979
One Act Play Festival Various2016
One Way PendulumSimpson1965
Ophelia Thinks HarderJean Betts2019
Orpheus DescendingWilliams1965
Othello (1961)William Shakespeare1961
Othello (1971)William Shakespeare1971
Out of the Flyiang Pan into the FireCampton1983
Palliative CareEmily Duncan2008
Party PieceDavid Brown1980
Poerty Reading (1984)Sewell, Dixon, Turner1984
Poetry Readings (1986)Cilla McQueen, Hone Tuwha1986
Prisoners of Mother EnglandRoger Hall2003
ProofDavid Auburn2008
Prufrock's Love SongElsa May & T S Eliot2011
Richard II (1972)William Shakespeare1972
Richard II (2019)William Shakespeare2019
Richard III (1981)William Shakespeare1981
Richard III (2000)William Shakespeare2000
Ring a RosyArthur Schnitzler1973
Ring Round the MoonJean AnouilhUnknown
Romeo and Juliet (1961)William Shakespeare1961
Romeo and Juliet (1986)William Shakespeare1986
Romeo and Juliet (2002)William Shakespeare2002
Rookery NookNoel Coward2002
Rosencrantz and GuildenstTom Stoppard2003
Saint JoanShaw1966
Saint's DayJ Whiting1972
Satre WorkshopUnkown1986
SavedEdward Bond1974
School for WivesMoliere1980
Seasons GreetingsAlan Ayckbourn2006
Selections from Jane AustenJane Austen1982
Shall We Gather at the RiverRenee2010
She Stoops to Conquer (1962)Oliver Goldsmith1962
She Stoops to Conquer (1971)Goldsmith1971
She Stoops to Conquer (2004)Oliver Goldsmith2004
ShelleyAnn Jellicoe1969
Shelley or the IdealistAnn Jellicoe1969
ShrivingsPeter Shaffer1985
SilenceH Pinter1973
Silence and the VoidSymposium1976
Small Craft WarningsT Williams1974
So Much to Tell YouJohn MarsdenUnknown
Song of the Cold (shadow play)Unknown1977
SongbirdRichard Huber2012
Southern Concert MummersUnknown1981
Spoonface SteinbergLee Hall2003
Spring 1600Emlyn Williams1995
Stage BloodCharles Ludlum2007
State of SiegeJanet Frame1987
Steel MagnoliasRobert Harling1994
Strait is the GateR A K Mason1979
StretchmarksSara Delahunty1989
Strip WellHoward Baker1976
Suddenly Last SummerT Williams1975
Summer of the Seventeenth DollRay Lawler2008
Supplement to Cook's VoyageGiraudoux1972
Sylvia Plath: A Dramatic PortraitBarry Kyle2018
Take Five5 women musicians1981
Taking OffRoger Hall2015
Tartuffe (1966)Moliere1966
Tartuffe (1977)Moliers1977
Temptations of OedipusBaxter1970
Terminal GuiltNigel Ensor1998
The AffairRobert Lord1987
The American DreamEdward Albee1962
The Apple CartGeorge Bernard Shaw1967
The Axe and The MirrorBaxter1967
The BacchaeEuripides1997
The Ballygombeen BequestJ Arden1974
The Band RotundaBaxter1967
The Bard: Beautiful, Bold and BawdyWilliam Shakespeare2015
The BasementPinter1981
The Bespoke OvercoatMankiewicz1980
The Better HalfNoel Coward2017
The Birthday PartyPinter1975
The Bureaucrat (1967)James K Baxter1967
The Bureaucrat (1991)Baxter1991
The Burnt Flower BedBetti1966
The Business of Good GovernmentJohn Arden1978
The ChangelingMiddleton and Rowley1985
The Cherry Orchard (1963)Anton Chekhov1963
The Cherry Orchard (1968)Anton Chekhov1968
The Cherry Orchard (1985)Anton Chekhov1985
The Cherry Orchard (2000)Anton Chekhov2000
The ChoiceClaire Luckham2014
The Cocktail PartyT. S. Eliot1971
The Comedy of ErrorsWilliam Shakespeare2016
The Confidential ClerkT.S. Eliot1973
The Country WifeWilliam Wycherley2009
The CreditorsStrindberg1965
The CrossBaxter1967
The CrucibleArthur Miller2002
The Dark is Light EnoughFry1966
The Day Flanagan DiedBaxter1969
The Devil & Mr Mulcahy (1991)Baxter1991
The Devil and Mr Mulcahy (1967)Baxter1969
The Devil and Mr Mulcahy (2018)James K Baxter2018
The DevilsJohn Whiting1973
The Dock BriefMortimer1980
The Dogs of Pavlov (1982)Dannie Abse1982
The Dogs of Pavlov - Reading (1977)Abse1977
The DragonSchwartz1967
The Duchess of MalfiWebster1968
The Dumb WaiterHarold Pinter2010
The Family ReunionT.S. Eliot1970
The Fire RaisersMax Frisch1981
The First BornFry1978
The ForestD'Arcy Cresswell1979
The FrogsAristophanes1965
The General's Tea PartyVian1983
The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams1961
The Golden AgeLouis Nowra1988
The Golden EggUnkown1975
The Good DoctorNeil Simon1982
The Good Woman of Setzuan (1968)Bertolt Brecht1968
The Good Woman of Setzuan (1982)Bertolt Brecht1982
The Goverment InspectorGogol1963
The History BoysAlan Bennett2014
The HorseJulius Hay1973
The House of Bernarda Alba (1966)Frederico Garcia Lorca1966
The House of Bernarda Alba (1977)Frederico GarciaLorca1977
The Human RaceLocal Playwrights1977
The HypochondriacMoliere1993
The Importance of Being Earnest (1991)Oscar Wilde1991
The Importance of Being Earnest (1999)Oscar Wilde1999
The Importance of Being Earnest (2016)Oscar Wilde2016
The Killing of Sister GeorgeFrank Marcus2014
The Lady from the SeaIbsen1983
The Lady's Not For BurningChristopher Fry1980
The LadykillersGraham Linehan2017
The LessonIonesco1961
The Lion, the Witch & the WardrobeC S Lewis1991
The Little Mrs Foster ShowHenry Living1980
The Maids (1965)Genet1965
The Maids (2006)Jean Genet2006
The Master Builder (1967)Ibsen1967
The Masterbuilder (1976)Henrik Ibsen1976
The Merchant of Venice (1979)William Shakespeare1979
The Merchant of Venice (1999)William Shakespeare1999
The Middlemarch Singles BallElla West2012
The Middlemarch Singles Ball IIElla West2013
The MiserMoliere1984
The MousemanJames McNeish1978
The New TenantIonesco1962
The Night of the IguanaTennessee Williams1964
The No MenRichard DingwallUnknown
The One Day of The YearAlan Seymour1982
The OresteiaAeschylus1962
The PhilanthropistChristopher Hampton1973
The PhysicistsFriedrich Durenmatt1980
The Pied PiperM Fleming1969
The Playboy of the Western WorldSynge1965
The Potting ShedGraham Greene1962
The RaftCarl Nixon2020
The Real Inspector HoundTom Stoppard2010
The Rivals (1976)Sheridan1976
The Rivals (2003)Richard Brinsley Sheridan2003
The Road to MeccaAthol Fugard2007
The Rocking CaveJ McNeish1974
The Rocky Horror Shadow Picture ShowRichard O'Brien2013
The School for Scandal (1991)Richard Brinsley1991
The School for Scandal (2006)Richard Brinsley Sheridan2006
The SeaE Bond1976
The Seagull (1965)Anton Chekhov1965
The Seagull (2005)Anton Chekhov2005
The Snow QueenHans Anderson1975
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeFrank Grayson1974
The Sore-Footed ManBaxter1967
The Spirit and the FleshRobert BrowningUnknown
The StrangerAlbert Camus1962
The StrongerStrindberg1965
The Swaggering SoldierPlautus1983
The Taming of the ShrewWilliam Shakespeare1987
The Tempest (a puppet Theatre)William Shakespeare1977
The Trial of Edward Gibbon WakJohn Caselberg1979
The Trojan WomenEuripides1979
The Unexpected ManYasmina Reza2013
The Vagina Monologues (2014)Eve Ensler2014
The Vagina Monologues - DunedinEve Ensler2015
The Vagina Monologues - RanfurlyEve Ensler2015
The White Liars/Black ComedyPeter Schaffer1983
The Widowing of Mrs HolroydD H Lawrence1975
The Winter's Tale (1968)William Shakespeare1968
The Winter's Tale (2008)William Shakespeare2008
The WomanBaxter1967
The Women of Troy (1967)Euripides1967
The Women of Troy (1979)Euripides1979
The Zoo StoryE Albee1974
Theatre NZ One Act Play FestivalVarious2017
Theatrefest 2018Various2018
Three Actors and their DramaGhelderode1961
Three Sisters (1962)Anton Chekhov1962
Three Sisters (1966)Anton Chekhov1966
Tiggy Tiggy Touch WoodRenee1993
Tin Can Tourists! Drifters and Dreamers.Keith Scott2014
Tiny AliceEdward Albee1968
Toad of Toad HallA A Milne1986
Too True to be GoodGeorge Bernard Shaw1968
Toybox - Goldilocks & Other StoriesLeanne Byas2016
Toybox - Red Riding Hood and FriendsToybox2019
TOYBOX THEATRE: The Chocolate Robbers and Other Silly StoriesToybox Theatre2017
TOYBOX: The Awesomenauts and other FairytalesThomas Makinson and Leanne Byas2018
Toybox: The Bear HuntLeanne Byas2016
TrapsCaryl Churchill1990
TravestiesTom Stoppard1981
Twelfth NightWilliam Shakespeare1990
Twelfth Night (1968)William Shakespeare1968
Twelfth Night (2005)William Shakespeare2005
Twice Round the GardenMarc Metzger1989
Uncle Vanya (1964)Anton Chekhov1964
Uncle Vanya (1970)Anton Chekhov1970
Under Milk Wood (1965)Thomas1965
Under Milk Wood (1970)Dylan Thomas1970
Under the Gaslight/Box and CoxDaly/Morton1983
Under the Sycamore TreeSamuel Spewark1962
Upside-down StorylandDenise Walsh1987
VerdictAgatha Christie2015
Vita and VirginiaEileen Atkins2006
Voyage Around My FatherJohn Mortimer1979
Waiting For Godot (1959)Samuel Beckett1959
Waiting for Godot (1977)Samuel Beckett1977
Waiting for Godot (2011)Samuel Beckett2011
Wednesday to ComeRenée1992
Where Once Our Voices LedKeith Scott2013
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1965)Edward Albee1965
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1972)Edward Albee1972
Why BournemouthAntrobus1978
Wind in the Branches of the SassfrasR de Obaldia1975
WinkieNigel Ensor2012
Winter Series - An Hour with the IrishEmer Lyons and John Synge2018
Winter Sunday Series 1 - Counting IcebergsFrances Rouse2017
Winter Sunday Series 2 – Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled BandArthur Conan Doyle, adapted by Ted Nye2017
Winter Sunday Series 3 – Under Milk WoodDylan Thomas2017
WitMargaret Edson2002
Women Like UsHelen Jamieson1993
Worse Things Happen at SeaJoy Green & Adam Dodd2012
WoyzeckGeorg Buchner1997
Wyrd SistersTerry Pratchett2018
You Never Can TellGeorge Bernard Shaw1971

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