Absurd Person Singular

by Alan Ayckbourn
Opening Night 19 February 2004
Director: Brian Beresford

Alan Ayckbourn is one of Britains most popular living dramatists, writing sixty plus plays since the early 1970s. Set over three consecutive Christmases we watch as the respective fortunes of the three couples change, their appearances and that of their kitchens too. We see the games they play with each other and their guests, the rise of the house of one couple and the fall of another. We recognise them all because we have seen them in our friends, familes, neighbours and ourselves.


Sydney Chris Summers 
Jane Gwenda Pippen 
Geoff Mark Neilson 
Eva Jo Munro 
Ronald Steve McNamara 
Marion Lynne Keen 


Assistant Director Lauren Hourigan 
Stage Design Andrew Cook 
Stage Construction Andrew Cook 
Lighting and Sound Angus Dingwall 
Stage Manager Kathy Creswell-Moorcock 
Stage Crew Andrew Cook 
  Lauren Hourigan 
  Katrina Yelavich 
  Jeffrey Vaughan 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Poster Design Kathryn Madill 
PhotoGrapher Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
  Alison Finigan 
  Rosemary Beresford 
Chris Summers, Gwenda Pippen.
Mark Neilson, Steve McNamara.
Lynne Keen.
Jo Munro, Mark Neilson.
Brian Beresford.
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