The White Liars/Black Comedy

by Peter Schaffer
Opening Night 1983
Director: Effie Cockburn

Peter Shaffer was born in 1926 in Liverpool and was moved to London in 1935, where he was educated at St. Paul's school. In 1944 he was conscripted for military servce, speding three years in the coal mines of Kent and Yorkshire. Shaffer resumed his education in 1948, winning a scholarship to Cambridge University. His first makor success was Five Finger Exercise, which won awards in both Britain and America. His other outstanding plays are Royal Hunt of the Sun, and epic about the conquest of Peru, and Equus, described by critics as 'Noble, moving and powerful.'


The White Liars: Sophie Beth Rask 
Voice of Vassi Des Wright 
Tom Barry Kloogh 
Frank Kevin Moffat 
Black Comedy: Brindsley Michael McLeod 
Carol Annabel Newman 
Miss Furnival Shirley Graham 
Colonel Melkett David Manley 
Harold Gorringe Don Donnner 
Clea Anna Mathieson 
Schupanzigh Des Wright 
Bamburger Hugo Vlugter 


Designer Ashley Newman 
Lighting John Collier 
  David Cockburn 
Sound Recording Mike Moroney 
Sound Technician Ingred Derks 
Costuming Mary Dixon 
Properties Sandi Collier 
  Maxine Purvis 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
Prompts Susan Clement 
  Melanie Closs 
Production Secretary Louise Newburn 
  Louise Newburn 
  Louise Newburn 

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