The Good Woman of Setzuan (1982)

by Bertolt Brecht
Opening Night 13 November 1982
Director: Jenny Wake

A parable about the implications of goodness.


Grandfather John Dawson 
Sister-in-law Lisa Warrington 
Wong Gerhard James 
First God Roger Dodd 
Second God Mickie Reid 
Third God John Knowles 
Shen Te/Shui Ta Katrina Kallil 
Mrs Shin Margaret Laube 
Wife Hilary Norris 
Husband John Gill 
Brother Ted Browning 
Nephew Roy Ward 
Niece Jenne Birkin 
Boy Tecwyn Evans 
An unemployed man Ian Kingsford-Smith 
A carpenter Rudy Gouverneur 
Mrs Mi Tzu Sandy McElrea 
Yang Sun Jim Gleason 
An old whore Elizabeth Brookes 
Policeman Chris Bishop 
Old man Jim Conradson 
Old woman Colleen Kennedy 
Mr Shu Fu David Manley 
Mrs Yang Jean Dodd 
Priest Jim Conradson 
Waiter Matthew King 
Gentleman Jim Conradson 
  Matthew King 
Child Melissa Redmile 
  Brent Redmile 
  Cosette Doward 


Set Design Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Lighting Design Peter Short 
Set Construction Ian Kingsford-Smith 
  John Wells 
Lighting Operator Manfried Frieling 
  Alain Sabatier 
Composer Warwick Ottley 
  John Jamieson 
Pianist Warwick Ottley 
  Stacey Boswell 
Props John Wells 
Costume Design Charmian Smith 
Wardrobe Assistant Louise Birkin 
  Cathrine Waite 
Shui Ta's Mask Kay Lyes 
God's Makeup Des Wright 
Poster Design Hamish Campbell 
Production Secretary Maggie Roberts 

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