Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi

by Pam Gems
Opening Night 1982
Director: Lisa Warrington

Contrasts the lives of four young women who, for various reasons, are living apart from their lovers or husbands, while trying to pull together the shattered strands of their lives.


Vi Michele Amas 
Dusa Shirley Griffiths 
Stas Katrina Kallil 
StasFish Marilyn Parker 


Stage Manager Peter McMechan 
Production Secretary Ann Hardy 
Costumes Charmian Smith 
Lighting Ross Housham 
  Peter Jaquiery 
Sound Jocelyn Brown 
Set Peter McMechan 
  Huntly Elliott 
Props Ann Hardy 
Dance Movement Sandy Riddle 
Photographer Michael de Hamel Studio 

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