Spoonface Steinberg

by Lee Hall
Opening Night 09 October 2003
Director: Lewis Ablett-Kerr

Spoonface is the moving and thought-provoking story of an eight year old, opera-loving, autistic girl who also suffers from terminal cancer. Never self-pitying or sentimental, Spoonface struggles to come to terms with life and death. Throughout, her perception of events around her is acute, even if her thoughts are at times jumbled.

In her bedroom, Spoonface questions and investigates her world, echoing the words of her parents, Mrs Spud, the cleaning lady and Dr Bernstein, her doctor.

"Spoonface Steinberg" is a poignant, exhilarating and ever-hopeful monologue in which we learn to appreciate the beauty in the world, in humanity and in adversity.


Spoonface Steinberg Phoebe Smith 


Stage Manager H-J Kilkelly 
Production Secretary/Publ Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Understudy/Script control Katrina Yelavich 
Lighting Design Corey Anderson 
Lighting Rig Neal Barber 
  Ben Vickers 
  Felicity Dallimore 
Lighting Operator Brylee Lamb 
Sound Design David Manley 
Sound Operator Katrina Yelavich 
Costume Design/Creation Judith Ablett-Kerr 
  Charlotte Handley 
Special Effects/Art work Jane Kerr 
  Ken Gorrie 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
  Alison Finigan 

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