Children of the Poor

by Mervyn Thompson
Opening Night 21 September 2001
Director: Kylie Morgaine Thomas

Although this play was written in the 1980s by the late Mervyn Thompson and is a theatrical interpretation of John A Lee�s controversial novel (1934) of the same name, the issues raised within the text are deeply political and humanistic in a way that transcends historical time and place and make them as relevant today as they were when the two works were published - perhaps even more so. The cast has embraced the play in a way that indicates that it is relevant to them as individuals and their perceptions of our society. This play is funny, gritty, frightening, and intelligent in its observations. The performance promises to be the same. With a cast of diverse ages, backgrounds and experience and a director who understands the challenges of a performance that will do this play justice, we promise an event that will leave you thinking and feeling, and hopefully admiring the qualities of rough, physical, 'get your knees dirty' theatre.


Children of the Poor Henry Davidson 
  Connor Blackie 
  Brian Kilkelly 
  Geoff Lambourne 
  Rhys Latton 
  Nathan Matthews 
  Natalie Milne 
  Trudi Powell 
  Karen Reid 
  Zohra Trinder 


Stage Manager H-J Kilkelly 
Lighting Design Kylie Morgaine Thomas 
Lighting/Sound Meegan Cloughley 
  Morehu Solomon 
Set Design/Poster Design Kylie Morgaine Thomas 
Wardrobe Kylie Morgaine Thomas 
  H-J Kilkelly 
Publicity Rosemary Beresford 
  Lynne Keen 
Production Manager/Proper H-J Kilkelly 
Photographer Reg Graham 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
Brian Kilkelly, Trudi Powell, Karen Reid, Rhys Latton, Geoff Lambourne, Natalie Milne, Zohra Trinder, Connor Blackie, Henry Davidson, Nathan Matthews.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated