Hay Fever

by Noel Coward
Opening Night 15 February 2001
Director: Louise Petherbridge

The action of the play takes place in just one weekend, in the country in the home of what today might almost be called a dysfunctional family. Mother is a ‘resting’ actress, father a successful novelist, son a would-be artist and daughter a teenager who does nothing but knows it all. Each, unknown to the others, has invited a special "friend" to spend the weekend in their home. During the weekend, however, these alliances shift, precipitating the action to a conclusion that could be summarised as “the family that fights together stays together!”


Sorel Bliss Katherine Beresford 
Simon Bliss Kelvin Cummings 
Clara Mary Greet 
Judith Bliss Terry MacTavish 
David Bliss Brian Beresford 
Sandy Tyrell Nick Duval-Smith 
Myra Arundel Trish Wells 
Richard Greatham Geoff Lambourne 
Jackie Coryton Emily Duncan 
Amy Christine Hurst 


Stage Manager Kathryn Tall 
Stage Crew Amanda Vercoe 
  Christine Hurst 
  Jessica Little 
Lighting/Sound Scott Chalmers 
  Lyndon Hood 
  Christine Gibbs 
  Don Knewstubb 
Art Work Andrew Cook 
Set Design/Construction Robert Aitken 
  Brian Beresford 
  John Campbell 
  Daniel Brown 
  Kelvin Cummings 
  Harry Love 
  Louise Petherbridge 
Wardrobe Charlotte Handley 
  Alison Finigan 
  Juliet Clark 
Poster Design Hayley Searle 
  Morehu Solomon 
Publicity Rosemary Beresford 
  Lynne Keen 
Properties Ngaire Sprague 
  Andrew Cook 
Front of House Vivienne Aitken 

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