The Crucible

by Arthur Miller
Opening Night 18 April 2002
Director: Julie Noever

Miller used the tale of the infamous witchcraft trials that had been held in Salem, Massachusetts during the late 17th century to illustrate the devastation that can be wreaked on the innocent by the misuse of one or more of these forces.

The hysteria that occurred in Salem after a series of events that appeared to be inexplicable by other than supernatural means was used by Miller to indict the excesses of McCarthyism that was sweeping the United States in the 1940s and 50s. The climate of fear created by the accusations of communism at that time cost many of his friends their careers - and some their lives. Truth was the casualty, as always in such circumstances.

The young girls in Salem, innocent – and not so innocent –start playing games that turn into something dangerous, both to themselves and those around them. To disguise what they have been doing they tell lies and soon begin to believe those lies. What is real and what merely appears to be real? Some know but not all are telling…or listening.


Betty Parris Nadia Sim 
Rev Samual Parris Chris Reid 
Tituba Christine Gibbs 
Abigail Williams Florence Hartigan 
Susanna Wallcott Liz MacIntosh 
Mrs Ann Putnam Sonya Stewart 
Thoma Putnam Damian Bertanees 
Mercy Lewis Natalie Milne 
Mary Warren Tali Perret-Jeaner 
John Proctor Bengy Barsanti 
Rebecca Nurse Ruth Wheeler 
Giles Corey Matt Haliday 
Reverend John Hale Lliam Munro 
Elizabeth Proctor Juliette Sandall 
Francis Nurse Jim Conradson 
Ezekiel Cheever Robert Styles 
Deputy-Governor Danforth Andrew Patterson 
Sarah Good Christine Hurst 


Stage Manager H-J Kilkelly 
  Andrew Cook 
Lighting Design Robert Styles 
Lighting Operation Ben Vickers 
Sound Operation Sophie Elliott 
Set Design Andrew Cook 
Set Construction/Properti Andrew Cook 
  H-J Kilkelly 
Wardrobe Katie Roxborogh 
  Charlotte Handley 
  Nikki Gerard 
Makeup Anya Sinclair 
  Katie Roxborogh 
Poster Design Aynia Noever 
Publicity Aynia Noever 
  Rosemary Beresford 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
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