Rookery Nook

by Noel Coward
Opening Night 01 February 2002
Director: Louise Petherbridge

Welcome to a holiday in Chumpton, the
sea-side paradise where two big chumps and other assorted idiots will attempt to show you the joys of complete political incorrectness.

This theatre is a package tour-, seat-belt-, deep vein thrombosis-free area!

Have fun!


Gertrude Twine Juliet Clark 
Mrs Leveret Mary Greet 
Harold Twine John Morss 
Clive Popkiss Ryan O'Kane 
Gerald Popkiss Chris Horlock 
Rhoda Marley Hannah August 
Putz Chris Summers 
Admiral Juddy Donald Hope Evans 
Poppy Dicky Katherine Beresford 
Clara Popkiss Christine Tongue 
Mrs Possett Roz McKechnie 


Stage Manager Christine Hurst 
  Emily Ross 
Lighting Design Lyndon Hood 
Lighting/Sound Operation Ben Vickers 
  Jaoa Quina 
Photographer Reg Graham 
Set Design/Construction Andrew Cook 
Set Painting Andrew Cook 
  John Campbell 
  Fran Hackshaw 
  Christine Hurst 
  Murray Robertson 
  Louise Petherbridge 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Poster Design Kathryn Madill 
Publicity Rosemary Beresford 
  Lynne Keen 
Properties Ngaire Sprague 
Front of House Alison Finigan 

Upcoming Productions

The Raft Opens 17th Sep

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