Prisoners of Mother England

by Roger Hall
Opening Night 04 December 2003
Director: Nigel Ensor

Prisoners of Mother England was one of Hall�s early plays, written in the late 1970s while he was employed at the University of Otago. Like many of his plays, this is a comedy with sharp undertones. The predictable one-liners are there, along with the humour that appears superficial but which masks deeper feelings of confusion and pain.

Life is not easy for these new arrivals; they had hoped for a better life but had not realised how much they had been shaped by what they had left behind. Some managed to make the transition easily, some with difficulty, a few not at all. They lived through a time of political turbulence, when everything that had at first seemed so easy became more difficult. The good life of the late 50s and early 60s when butter was �ninepence a pound, cigarettes two shillings for twenty, �petrol three bob a gallon� moved gradually into troops being sent into Vietnam, the introduction of decimal currency and the Wahine disaster.


Presenter Vincent Wong 
Stanley Campbell Thomson 
Vera Marilyn Parker 
Gerry Chris Summers 
Maureen Toni White 
Ken Steve McNamara 
Shirley Katrina Yelavich 
Philip Chris Reid 
Louise Katherine Beresford 
New Zealanders Natalie Milne 
  Andrew Morrison 
  David Thomson 
  Doug Leggett 
  Marie Steele 


Production Manager H-J Kilkelly 
Technical Director David Manley 
Stage Manager Christine Hurst 
Stage Hand/Props Ellen Stewart 
Lighting Operation Angus Dingwall 
  Kathy Creswell-Moorcock 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
  Anna Findley 
Poster Design Kathryn Madill 
Photographer Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
  Alison Finigan 

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