by Margaret Edson
Opening Night 22 August 2002
Director: Nigel Ensor

The story of Wit is the story of Vivien Bearing, a professor of English who has spent years researching and teaching the metaphysical sonnets of John Donne and, while doing so, has felt that she had absolute control over her life and work. Then she is diagnosed with aggressive, ovarian cancer, becomes a patient in an experimental cancer research unit and finds that she has to reassess everything. Vivien initially observes what is happening to her with anger and amazement but also at times with an amused detachment. Gradually, however, the protective coatings with which she has surrounded herself are stripped away as she journeys towards her inevitable end.


Dr Vivien Bearing Terry MacTavish 
Dr Harvey Kelekian Joseph Cecchi 
Professor Evelyn Ashford Louise Petherbridge 
Nurse Susie Monahan Emily Ross 
Dr Jason Posner Steve McNamara 
Technician / Crash Team Neal Barber 
  Sarah Stewart 
  Janice Snowden 
  Katherine Beresford 
  Edie Ostrer 


Stage Manager Andrew Cook 
Properties Andrew Cook 
Assistant Stage Manager H-J Kilkelly 
Lighting/Sound Morehu Solomon 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Medical Advisor Charles Beresford 
Poster Design Kathryn Madill 
Publicity Rosemary Beresford 
Photography Reg Graham 
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