5 Plays at the Globe

by Katherine Mansfield
Opening Night 26 April 1996
#1 The Lady's Maid: Hilary Halba
#2 The Man Without: Fiona Pulford
#3 Bliss: Reg Graham
#4 Je Ne Parle Franais: Lynn Freeman
#5 The Doll's House: Lynn Freeman

An evening of 5 short stories adapted for stage.


#1 Ellen Anna Cameron 
  Marie Forman 
Young Ellen Prue Clark 
Passers-by Mary-Anne Carr 
  Rose Orr 
  Bernie Robinson 
  Penny Turnbull 
#2 Robert Salesby Julian Wilson 
Jimmy Salesby Sarla Donovan 
Others Nicholas McCaw 
  Johanna Poppelwell 
#3 Bertha Anna Cameron 
Nurse Marie Forman 
Harry Fulton Lewis Ablett-Kerr 
Pearl Jane Duval-Smith 
Eddie Patrick Davies 
Mr Norman Knight Chris Mansfield 
Mrs Norman Knight Sarla Donovan 
#4 Raoul Duquette Jeremy Elwood 
Waiter/Porter Doug Leigh 
Madame Cara Darville 
Cafe patrons Marie Forman 
  Beth Bowden 
Dick Harman Lewis Ablett-Kerr 
Mouse Kate Roy 
#5 Isabel Hannah Smith 
Kezia Rosanna Finigan 
Aunt Beryl Beth Bowden 
Lil Jane Morss 
Our Else Phoebe Smith 
Emmie Katherine Beresford 
Lena Lolen Bowden 


#1 Film excerpt de Hilary Halba 
  Nigel Bunn 
Director Hilary Halba 
Director of Photography Robert Sarkies 
Camera Assistant Simon McKinney 
Editor Nigel Bunn 
#1-5 Set Design/Co John Hodgkins 
Set Assistants Jayne O'Malley 
  Lynn Freeman 
Stage Manager Bronwyn White 
Stage Assistant Joy Hellyer 
  Don Reddington 
  Katie King 
Technical Manager Andrew McKenzie 
  Simon McKinney 
Photography Reg Graham 
Poster & Programme Design John Hodgkins 

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