Richard III (1981)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 1981
Director: Philip Gaze
Director: Philip Gaze




Richard Russ Burton 
George Gerhard James 
Sir Robert Brackenbury Frank Grayson 
William, Lord Hastings Keith Harrison 
Lady Anne Louise Green 
  Miranda Adams 
Anthony Woodville Jim Conradson 
Lord Richard Grey Andrew Wooding 
Queen Elizabeth Marian Coxhead 
Henry Stafford John Dawson 
Thomas Stanley Ray Stone 
Queen Margaret Margaret Laube 
Thomas Grey Peter Adams 
Sir William Catesby Brian McCormack 
1st Murderer Geoffrey Robinson 
2nd Murderer Patrick Davies 
Duchess of York Mary Greet 
Edward, Prince of Wales John Nooyen 
The Lord Mayor of London Michael Jackson 
Cardinal Bourchier Nicholas Thompson 
Richard, Duke of York Colin Thorn 
John Morton Andrew Wooding 
Sir Richard Ratcliffe Douglas Pratt 
Lady Margaret Plantagenet Louise Green 
  Miranda Adams 
Sir James Tyrrel Gerhard James 
John Howard Peter Adams 
Henry Tudor Jim Conradson 
Sir James Blunt Michael Jackson 


Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Production Secretary Barbara Crawford 
Wardrobe Charmian Smith 
assisted by Moira Caley 
assisted by Judy-Lea Engel 
  Lynn Taylor 
Set construction & armour Frank Grayson 
Lighting Bill Gaze 
Prompt Anne Wickham 
Sound Jenny Connell 
  Jenny Wake 
  Bronwyn Officer 
Music arranged by Ian Thompson 
Front of House Peggy Durrant 

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