The Good Doctor

by Neil Simon
Opening Night 1982
Director: Huntly Elliott

Neil Simon has dominated the world of Broadway comedy for the past twenty years, virtually turning out a smash-hit every season, and more often that not, having himself as his main competition.




Cast Peter McMechan 
  David Corballis 
  Shirley Griffiths 
  Gerhard James 
  Shirley Kelly 
  Graeme Newell 


Stage Manager Colin Chapman 
Production Secretary Ann Hardy 
Production Assistant Rowena Cullen 
Costumes Charmian Smith 
  Cathrine Waite 
  Jean Birken 
Set Design Roger Dodd 
Set Construction Colin Chapman 
  Roger Dodd 
  John Campbell 
  John Wells 
  Peter Jaquiery 
  Frank Grayson 
Lighting Peter Jaquiery 
Prompt Alix Bolton 
Props Sally Anderson 
  Jenny Williams 
Poster Design Anne Woodhouse 
Photography Michael de Hamel Studio 
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