Daughters of Heaven (2005)

by Michealanne Foster
Opening Night 07 April 2005
Director: Corey Anderson

In Christchurch 1954, Pauline Parker and friend Juliet Hulme killed Pauline's mother Honora Riper. While nothing can excuse what happened 50 years ago in this nice, middle-class neighbourhood of Christchurch, Foster's play attempts to explain it, without creating a simple 'good versus evil' scenario. While Daughters of Heaven might seem to be more suited for hell than heaven, Forster's play and Anderson's production enables us to see beyond the 'what' happened and into the 'why.'


Anna Chin - The Listener


Juliet Hulme Prue Clark 
Pauline Parker Jackie Winchester 
Bridget O'Malley Hannah August 
Hilda Hulme Jo Munro 
Dr Henry Hulme Stuart Mathieson 
Honora Mary Rieper Jannah Carlos Torr 
Herbert Rieper Brian Kilkelly 
Alan Brown, Crown Prosecu Richard Carlos Torr 
Terrence Gresson, Defence Brian Kilkelly 
Walter Perry Edward Ostrer 
Dr Reginald Medlicott Edward Ostrer 
Justice Adams Stuart Mathieson 
Police Detective Richard Carlos Torr 
Police Matron Jannah Carlos Torr 
Prison Officer Stuart Mathieson 


Set Design Corey Anderson 
Set Construction Andrew Cook 
  Jeffrey Vaughan 
Technical Design Corey Anderson 
Techinical Operator Fran Hackshaw 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Stage manager Andrew Cook 
Stage Assistant Jeffrey Vaughan 
Set Recording John Cook 
Publicity Brian Kilkelly 
  Brian Beresford 
  Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
  Murray Robertson 
Prue Clark, Jackie Winchester.
Hannah August.
Stuart Mathieson, Jo Munro.
Richard Carlos Torr, Brian Kilkelly.
Jannah Carlos Torr, Prue Clark, Jackie Winchester.
Edward Ostrer.
Corey Anderson.
Andrew Cook.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated