Brecht at the Globe

by Bertolt Brecht
Opening Night 1982
Director: Harry Love

Bertolt Brecht's Lehrstucks , or 'Learning Plays', are expiremental pieces written in the 1920s and early 30s in an attempt to break through the confines of conventional theatre. 'The Lehrstucke', Brecht claims, 'is essentially dynamic; it's task is to show the world as it changes (and also how it may be changed).'#1 The exception and the Rule, #2 He Who Says Yes / He Who Says No


#1 Merchant Dean Mammis 
Coolie Michael McLeod 
Guide Guy Field 
Policeman-Second Leader Roy Ward 
Innkeeper Tom Gott 
Wife Jenny Aitken 
Judge Jack Dodd 
Assistant Judges Hilary Halba 
  Kathy Lorimer 
#2 Teacher Jack Dodd 
Boy Hilary Halba 
Students Guy Field 
  Gini McIntosh 
Chorus Roy Ward 
  Tom Gott 
  Kathy Lorimer 


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