The Dogs of Pavlov (1982)

by Dannie Abse
Opening Night 1982
Director: David Manley

Norman Mailer has said, "Probably, we shall never be able to determine the psychic havoc of the concentration camps and the atom bomb upon the unconcious mind of almost everyone alive in those years." Remembering the millionskilled in the concentration camps, he continues "Who can ignore the more hideous questionsabout his own nature?" For Mailer has apprehended, as have others, that it was not the German people alone who were capable of such stupendous crimes. We have no inborn tendency to obey orders. On the contrary, we are born to say "No" to civilisations imperatives. But from babyhood on, we are conditioned to say "Yes", to obey. We are trained by punishment and reward, by threatand promise.


S J Gordon Gerhard James 
Sally Parsons Hilary Norris 
Mr Harley-Hoare Richard Boraman 
Dr. Olwen Jones Anna Mathieson 
Dr Michael Daly James Brodie 
Nurse Elizabeth Brookes 
Kurt Jennings Colin Cheyne 
Liz Jenny Birken 
Recorded Voices William Kircher 
  Andrew Wooding 


Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Lighting Ross Housham 
Sound Andrew Wooding 
Wardrobe Lynn Taylor 
Production Assistant Ngaire Sprague 
Properties Jane Dodds 
  Susie Staley 
Set Construction Frank Grayson 
  Jack Cooper 
  David Manley 
Music Mavis Brown 
Photographs Michael de Hamel Studio 
Stage Crew Meg Taylor 
  Neville Cross 
  Eleanor McMillan 

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