Toybox - Red Riding Hood and Friends

by Toybox
Opening Night 08 July 2019

For the July school holidays the Globe Theatre presents its 2019 Toybox production "Red Riding Hood and Friends" Suitable for all the family!


Narrator Jamie Byas 
Red Riding Hood Ocean Manutulila 
Gorgonorth/Helper Gnome Erin Byas 
Hansel Harry Almey 
Gretel Charlie McClaren 
Granny Georgia Cartwright 
Shazza Kaelin Sim 
Sheila Henri Ruan 
Tinker Bell Maia Campbell 
Wolf Tomuri Spicer 
Toby Stella Wispinski 
Witch Stephanie Jasperse 
Snow White Caitlin Duff 


Stage Manager Jacinta Burney 
Sound & Lighting Design Jamie Byas 
Sound Operator Dante Dawes 
Lighting Operator Jo Throp 
Choreography/Hair & Make-up Jacinta Burney 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated