Cinders: The True Story

by David Tristram
Opening Night 01 December 2018
Director: Lynne Keen

This magical fairytale of Cinderella is like no other, but it does contain the usual elements: yes, there's a widowed Baron, remarried to a harridan of a Baroness, who dotes upon her two hideous daughters, Cinderella's step-sisters; yes, Cinderella is reduced to the life of a skivvy at Hardup Hall, befriended by fellow servant, the infatuated Buttons; yes, there's a Prince Charming looking for a wife, dogged by the King's servant, Dandini; yes, Fate brings the Prince and Cinderella together, not quite in the way you might expect, and they all live ... well, you know the rest! Yes, Fate operates in surprising ways, as you will see... Yet, this pantomime is no different to others: it combines slapstick, singing and dancing with the traditions of audience participation (yes, actively boo and hiss the baddies; cheer the goodies; commiserate with the down-trodden; take sides in the arguments - Oh yes, you can/ Oh no, you can't!) with the traditions of gender role reversals. Perfect entertainment for the Festive Season.


The Hairy Godmother Campbell Thomson 
Cinderella Jen Hughson 
Dotty Thomas Makinson 
Potty Edward Matthews 
Prince Charming Beth Lochhead 
Baron Hardup David Thomson 
Baroness Hardup Belinda Leckie 
Dandini Jude Conway 
Buttons Mikayla Cameron 
Pantomime Cow Mikayla Cameron 
  Tomuri Spicer 


Stage Manager Kay Masters 
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Byas 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
Lighting And Sound Design Brian Byas 
Lighting And Sound Operators Jamie Byas 
  Dante Dawes 
  Sam Souquet 
  Jo Throp 
Costumes Sofie Welvaert 
Costume Assistant Kura Carpenter 
Make Up & Wig Styling Karen Wispinski 
  Stella Wispinski 
Poster Campaign Liam Fitzpatrick 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated