The Merchant of Venice (1979)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 14 July 1979
Director: Philip Gaze

Bassinio, a spendthrift Venetian, borrows a large sum of money fom Shylock, a Jew, (a moneylender, much abused by those who make use of him), to enable him to court a rich heiress, Portia, living in Belmont (bot far from Venice). He pursuades his friend Antoniom a rich merchant, to stand surety fro him, but the document which Antonio signs - 'a merrie bond' - binds him to forfeit a pound of his felsh should he fail to repay the money on time. Bassinio goes to Belmont to try to win Portia (by a peculia kind of guessing game): while he is there Antonio hears that the ships in which his fortune is tied up have all foundered, and he cannot repay Shylock his money - now, as they used to say in romantic serials, read on...


Antonio Matthew Robertson 
Salerio Colin Cheyne 
Solanio Tony Bamford 
Bassanio Richard Mercier 
Gratiano Owen Rooney 
Portia Marilyn Parker 
Nerissa Julia Smith 
Balthazar Andrew Wooding 
Shylock Frank Grayson 
The Prince of Morocco Keith Harrison 
Launcelot Gobbo Ray Stone 
Old Gobbo John Dawson 
Leonardo Richard Hannah 
Jessica Gay Cusack 
Lorenzo Geoffrey Miles 
Thge Pronce of Arragon Jack Dodd 
Tubal Tim Brewster 
Singer Mary Aston 
Attendants Martin Smith 
  Keith Morris 
  Howard Morris 


Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Set design and building Frank Grayson 
Costumes Jean Jackson 
  Bonnie Hampton 
  Gwen Wales 
Lighting William Gaze 
Sound Christopher Masters 
Prompt Louise Green 
Production Secretary Mary Greet 
Properties Barbara McMechan 
  Elizabeth Hunter 
  Tania Illingworth 
Poster Frank Grayson 
Programme design Suzanne Palmer 
Music arranged by Ian Thompson 

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