The Devil and Mr Mulcahy (2018)

by James K Baxter
Opening Night 08 June 2018
Director: Paul Ellicott

Celebrated poet and playwright, Baxter was closely associated with the Globe in its early years and this is one of his works Patric and Rosalie Carey premiered at the Globe in 1969.
Set in 1960s rural New Zealand this piece was ground breaking work then, but it’s characters and ideas are still very much of our current time: a play that combines and pits sexual desires against dogmatism which causes a family to cascade into chaos.

The Globe is proud to celebrate our national and local theatre heritage with this exciting revival.

Note: Adult themes not suitable for children under 16 years.


Barney Mulcahy Brook Bray 
Brenda Marshall Denise Casey 
Simon Marshall Joseph Cooper 
Paul Marshall Peter Hocking 
Rachel Marshall Ella Yiannett 


Stage Manager Paul Ellicott 
Set Design Paul Ellicott 
  Chris Vialle 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
  Paul Ellicott 
  Chris Vialle 
Costuming Sofie Welvaert 
Lighting And Sound Design Brian Byas 
Lighting And Sound Operator Craig Storey 
Graphic Design Craig Scott 
Front of House Management Leanne Byas 
Still Photography Miguel Nitis 
Rehearsal Assistant Lynne Keen 
Guitarist Dylan Shield 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated