Finding Murdoch

by Margot McRae
Opening Night 26 April 2018
Director: Andrew McKenzie

The sending home of Otago All Black Keith Murdoch during the 1972 British Tour was a talking point around the country. The media was desperate for the story but Murdoch was desperate to stay silent. Based on actual events and people, this play is about the ex-Otago All Black who went into hiding and the efforts of a journalist to find him. The Globe presents a fascinating, highly charged piece of theatre that deals with one of the keys to “Kiwi Culture”. The wearing of the black jersey and what it means.


Keith Murdoch Paul Ellicott 
Jane Sofie Welvaert 
Pete/Ernie Todd Richard Huber 
Lin Colling/ Chorus Warren Chambers 
Ian Kirkpatrick/ Chorus Campbell Thomson 
Geoff Peter Hocking 


Stage Manager Kay Masters 
Set Build Ray Fleury 
  Keith Scott 
Lighting Brian Byas 
Lighting Operator Brian Byas 
  Helen Fearnley  
Publicity Keith Scott 
Sound Design And Operator Brian Byas 
Sound Operator Helen Fearnley  
Photography Miguel Nitis 
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