The Business of Good Government

by John Arden
Opening Night 12 December 1978
Producer: Jane Oakshott
Musical Director: Honor McKellar

The play shows a small kingdom under pressure from the Empire of Rome and Persia. Its well-meaning leader is overtaken by 'events beyond his control.' But then, even the wise men are puzzled...


Angel Jeanette Leigh 
Herod Keith Harrison 
Secretary John Dawson 
Wise men Nick Round-Turner 
  Malcolm McLean 
  Colin Cheyne 
Shepherds Adam Butler 
  John Reid 
  Stan Forbes 
Mary Anna Mathieson 
Joseph Bruce McMillan 
Innkeeper Honor McKellar 
Midwife Scilla Askew 
Farm-girl Margaret Seeman 


Set Design & Construction Frank Grayson 
Costumes Roehana Kerin 
  Carol Jarvis 
Properties & Prompt Gay Insull 
Lights Peter Jaquiery 
  Jocelyn Brown 
Sound Martin Durrant 
Publicity Jean Dodd 
  Alister McDonald 
Stage Manager Leigh Cain 
Descant composed by John Drummond 

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