Winter Sunday Series 1 - Counting Icebergs

by Frances Rouse
Opening Night 16 July 2017
Director: Keith Scott

The first of our three rehearsed readings takes place next month.
This is a work by Australian playwright Frances Rouse.

An elderly woman, once married to a famous explorer, seeks to find solace through his journals and selective memory. She believes that, with the passing of time, she has accepted her past tragedies with equanimity, but her previous selves – the optimistic young woman, the bitter and angry middle-aged wife – will not let her go. As her life unfolds through conversations, arguments and confrontations, the reality is exposed. The woman’s name is Elizabeth Cook.


Young Mrs Cook Juliet McLachlan 
Middle Aged Mrs Cook Belinda Leckie 
Old Mrs Cook Yvonne Jessop 


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