TOYBOX THEATRE: The Chocolate Robbers and Other Silly Stories

by Toybox Theatre
Opening Night 17 April 2017
Director: Leanne Byas

Directed by Leanne Byas, school holiday fun the young returns to the Globe. Kids hide your goodies because the chocolate robbers are loose! There is also a furry monster hiding somewhere in the theatre. Will you be the first to find it?


Cast Erin Byas 
  Caitlin Duff 
  Cam Hassall 
  Emma Horwell 
  Jack Lundy 
  Thomas Makinson 
  Claire Millichamp 
  Noelle Miles Wilson 
  Nick Unahi 


Assistant Director Jamie Byas 
Lighting Design Operator Jamie Byas 
Sound Operator Eden Cohen 
Stage Manager Bonnie Stewart 
Assistant Stage Managers Jacinta Burney 
  Hannah Byas 
Front of House Leanne Byas 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated