Mary Stuart

by Friedrich Schiller
Opening Night 29 September 2016
Director: Keith Scott

Two queens, cousins and enemies. As part of the 2016 Otago Festival of the Arts the Globe presents this famous political thriller about the last days of Mary Queen of Scots. It will be a premier production of a new adaptation by Dunedin author and historian Keith Scott.

Keith Scott talks on Otago Access Radio about Mary Stuart. Click the link to listen to the podcast click here


Mary Helen Fearnley  
Elizabeth Terry MacTavish 
Jane Emer Lyons 
Burleigh James Tregonning  
Leicester Paul Ellicott 
Mortimer Ashley Stewart 
Talbot Nigel Ensor 
Paulet Campbell Thomson 
Walsingham Warren Chambers 
Aubespine Thomas Makinson 
O'Kelly Oscar Macdonald  
Melville Oscar Macdonald  
Davison Cain Sleep 
Guard Malcolm Lay 
Guard Emmett Hardie 


Co-Stage Manager Christine Johnston 
  Emmett Hardie 
Sound And Lighting Design Brian Byas 
Lighting Operation Brian Byas 
Sound Operation Jamie Byas 
Costume Design & Construction Charmian Smith 
Costumier Charmian Smith 
Sewing Assistant Kura Carpenter 
Sewing Assistant Barbara Bishop 
Sewing Assistant Tamsin Braisher 
Dresser Sofie Welvaert 
  Tamsin Braisher 
Set Design Keith Scott 
Graphic Design Joanne Smeaton 
Publicity Keith Scott 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
New Script Version/adaptation Keith Scott 
Set Building Ray Fleury 
Terry MacTavish, Ashley Stewart.
Nigel Ensor, James Tregonning , Paul Ellicot, Warren Chambers.
James Tregonning , Terry MacTavish.
Paul Ellicot, Terry MacTavish, Nigel Ensor, Helen Fearnley .
Emer Lyons, Helen Fearnley .
Helen Fearnley .
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated