China Dances and 3 Short

by R A K Mason
Opening Night 23 June 1979
Arranged by: John Caselberg
All I Ask Produced by: Rowena Cullen
Set about Produced by: Rowena Cullen
Squire Speaks Produced by: John Caselberg

China Dances, published by John McIndoe Ltd and previously performed by Margaret Barr and New Theatre Group, Auckalnd, 1943.

All I ask is my Legal Rights, set in a moto-camp in Coromandel; Set about with Lilies, set in the palace of King Solomon in Biblical times; and Squire Speaks, a radio play published by Caxton Press, and previously performed in Auckland, 1938


Dancers Fiona Bolwell 
  Carol Brown 
  Annabel Cooper 
  Penelpe Griffith 
  Lati Haddard 
  Philippa Laverty 
  Linda Rathborne 
  Jos Rossel 
All I Ask: Dr. Han David Bolton 
McDonald Martin Anderson 
Trevarthen Chris Ackerley 
Set about with Lilies: Geoffrey Miles 
First Girl Miranda Adams 
Second Girl Nicky Spiers 
Guard Geoffrey Robinson 
Squire Speaks: Voi Russ Burton 


China Dances: Chor Shona Dunlop 
Chinese Tunes arranged by Ian McDonald 
Reader Mary Middleditch 
Recorded voices Russ Burton 
  John Caselberg 
Recording Ian McDonald 
Bassoon, recorders Belinda Carey 
Violin Graham McPhail 
Piano, gong, wodden block Ian McDonald 
Masks Louise Petherbridge 
All I Ask: Music c Ian McDonald 
Clarinet Peter Adams 
Violin Graham McPhail 
Piano Owen Workman 
Set about with Lilies: Ian McDonald 
Clarinet Peter Adams 
Violin Graham McPhail 
Piano Owen Workman 
Squire Speaks: Sou Ian McDonald 
Technical direction Jenny Stirling 
Stage Manager Jenny Stirling 
Lighting Jocelyn Brown 
Sound Ian Vickeridge 
Back Stage Diane Laracy 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated