Glitter and Spit

by Robert Lord
Opening Night 06 August 2015
Director : Feather Shaw

A former ballet dancer now restricted to a wheelchair, a mysterious soldier, a conductor of a small orchestra and a young lady susceptible to suggestion explore the themes of homosexuality , gender roles, dress ups, physical disability, spontaneity and venetian blinds.


Louise Tess Hazelhurst 
Megan Sofie Welvaert 
Daniel Jo Secher 
Richard Andrew Brinsley-Pirie 


Sound And Lighting Brian Byas 
  Jamie Byas 
  Laniet Swann 
Set Build Ray Fleury 
Tess Hazelhurst.
Jo Secher.
Andrew Brinsley-Pirie, Sofie Welvaert.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated