Bullshot Crummond

by Alan Shearman, Derek Cunningham, Diz White, John Neville-Andrews, and Ronald E. House
Opening Night 26 November 2015
Director: Dale Neill

Appropriately for the on-set of the “silly season”, our 2015 season will end with a very silly play indeed. But we mean that in a good way. This is a farcial paradoy of the 1920s pulp hero Bulldog Drummond, the central character in a series of crime novels that also spawned a series of silent films. Let’s “put you in the picture”.

The villains, Count Otto Von Brunno and Lenya von Brunno plan to ruin the international diamond market by kidnapping Professor Rupert Fenton. The heroes, Hugh 'Bullshot' Crummond and Rosemary Fenton, the professor's daughter, set out to thwart their evil intent. So begins a fast pace comic romp that lurches from bizarre to the outrageous. Perfect theatre to fit the festive season


Otto Von Bruno Warren Chambers 
Lenya Von Brunno Laura Wells 
Professor Rupert Fenton Ashley Stewart 
Algy Longwort Ashley Stewart 
Hugh "Bullshot" Crummond Miguel Nitis 
Policeman Ashley Stewart 
Salvatore Scalicio Warren Chambers 
Waiter Ashley Stewart 
Miss Rosemary Fenton Juliet McLachlan 
Inspector Scabbard Ashley Stewart 
Wolfgang Schmidt Ashley Stewart 
Marovitch Ashley Stewart 
Voice Over Dale Neill 


Stage Manager Helen Fearnley  
Sound And Lighting Design Brian Byas 
Lighting Operator Brian Byas 
Lighting Operator Jamie Byas 
Sound Operator Martin Swann 
Set Build Ray Fleury 
Costumes Keith Scott 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
Poster Jeffrey Vaughan 
Photography Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Laura Wells, Ashley Stewart, Miguel Nitis.
Miguel Nitis, Juliet McLachlan.
Warren Chambers, Laura Wells.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated