Balance of Payments

by Robert Lord
Opening Night 06 August 2015
Director : Bronwyn Wallace

A macabre farce about a mother and father who live off the immoral earnings of their son, whose clients are disposed of by the mother. This is the tale of a far from conventional family in their cluttered household. Join them as they work together to disguise the son's dirty deeds and ask the big questions in life, like is knitting an art or a craft?


Barbara Frame - ODT
Alison Embleton


Son Allyn Robins 
Vicar Thomas Makinson 
Client Lawrence Kennett 
Father Chris Summers 
Mother Katherin Graeme 


Sound And Lighting Brian Byas 
  Jamie Byas 
  Laniet Swann 
Set Build Ray Fleury 
Katherin Graeme.
Chris Summers.
Allyn Robins.
Thomas Makinson.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated