Look Back in Anger (2015)

by John Osborne
Opening Night 08 October 2015
Director: Keith Scott

It is often said that this was an overnight sensation when it premiered in London in 1956. That is not entirely true, but it was different and certainly ground breaking theatre. Set in a cramped Midlands bed-sit and not in a Mayfair parlour it was a savage attack on the stuffiness of 1950s Britain’s pompous and patrician upper-class, a society Osborne’s lead character, the “angry young man” Jimmy Porter lashes out at as no longer relevant. Through its searing portrait of Jimmy's marriage to the socially superior Alison, the play combines the sex war and the class war, in an environment of gnawing discontent and the agony of endless waiting. Look Back in Anger is blazing and immediate, a tour de force of vitality and language. In the words of the novelist Alan Sillitoe, a contemporary of Osborne: “John Osborne didn’t contribute to British theatre: he set off a landmine called Look Back in Anger and blew most of it up. The bits have settled back into place, of course, but it was never the same again.”


Jimmy Porter Oscar Macdonald  
Alison Porter Helen Fearnley  
Cliff Lewis Brook Bray 
Helena Charles Kimberley Buchan 
Colonel Redfern Nigel Ensor 


Stage Manager Christine Johnston 
Sound And Lighting Brian Byas 
  Jefferson Kinghorn 
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Byas 
Set Build Ray Fleury 
Graphic Design Ellie Swann 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
Still Photography Martin Swann 
Brook Bray, Oscar Macdonald .
Kimberley Buchan, Helen Fearnley .
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