The Bard: Beautiful, Bold and Bawdy

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 29 March 2015
Director: Keith Scott

In a fast moving tour de force, 20 actors present an evening of scenes from 14 plays to showcase how Shakespeare connected, or disconnected people. Couples fall in love, fight against it, destroy those about them, or each other. Fathers are fools before their daughters. Sons mock their mothers. This show is a not to be missed opportunity to enjoy our brightest, boldest, and bawdiest playwright.


Sir John Falstaff Campbell Thomson 
Othello Craig Storey 
Nurse, Hostess Quickly Ellie Swann 
Williams, Jacques, Prince Hal, Doct Elliot Phillips 
Lady Anne Neville Gabrielle Golding 
Lady Macbeth, Desdemona Helen Fearnley  
Juliet Juliet McLachlan 
Chorus Keith Scott 
Phebe, Cordelia Laniet Swann 
King Henry V, Hamlet Matthew Scadden 
Macbeth Miguel Nitis 
Rosalind, Beatrice, Regan Nell Guy 
Petruchio, Pistol Nick Brook 
King Lear Nigel Ensor 
Richard of Gloucester, Touchstone, Oscar Macdonald  
Benedick Paul Ellicott 
Silvius, Kent Reuben Hilder 
Romeo, Bates, Hotspur, Lancaster Sam van der Weerden 
Queen Gertrude Terry MacTavish 
Katharina, Lady Percy, Goneril Zara Walsh-Ramathas 


Lighting And Sound Martin Swann 
  Jamie Byas 
  Craig Storey 
  Brian Byas 
Wardrobe Keith Scott 
Stage Design Keith Scott 
Set Construction Don Knewstubb 
  Ray Fleury 
Stage Manager Laura Wells 
Matthew Scadden, Terry MacTavish.
Paul Ellicot, Nell Guy.
Nell Guy, Paul Ellicot, Zara Walsh-Ramathas.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated