The Seagull (2005)

by Anton Chekhov
Opening Night 02 June 2005
Director: Andrew Morrison

The Seagull (1896) is the earliest and perhaps the most fragile of Chekhov's four masterpieces. The major themes of love and art are explored in the relationships between characters and the frustrations and failures they experience. Chekhov sought to show life as it is, devoid of the convenient moral judgements, patterns and the order that art traditionally imposes on human experience. Chekhov called The Seagull a comedy but its comic nature is grounded in irony, and a sense of the absurdity and meaningless of human endeavour.


Arkadina Terry MacTavish 
Konstantin Andrew Robinson 
Sorin John Watson 
Nina Emily Duncan 
Shamrayev Brian Kilkelly 
Polina Jackie Winchester 
Masha Fran Hackshaw 
Trigorin Mark Neilson 
Dorn Don Knewstubb 
Medvedenko Corey Anderson 
Yakov Andrew Cook 
Maid Danielle Heares-Farry 


Stage Manager Danielle Heares-Farry 
Set Design Andrew Cook 
Set Construction Andrew Cook 
  Jeffrey Vaughan 
Lighting Design Corey Anderson 
Operator Alia Berkeley 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Poster Design Jackie Winchester 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
  Rosemary Beresford 
John Watson.
Mark Neilson, Emily Duncan.
Don Knewstubb, Jackie Winchester.
Brian Kilkelly, Andrew Cook, Mark Neilson, Corey Anderson.
Terry MacTavish, Andrew Robinson.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated