by Agatha Christie
Opening Night 28 February 2015
Director: Natalie Ellis

A joint production with The Dunedin Repertory Society, staged at The Playhouse.

Karl Hendryk, a brilliant professor who, with his wife and her cousin, have fled persecution in their country. The professor is contentedly ensconced in a British university, where he is respected by students and faculty alike. His wife, Anya, an invalid suffering from a progressively debilitating disease, bitterly regrets having been forced to leave her home and her friends and is unhappy with all aspects of her life in England. Her cousin and close friend, Lisa Koletzky, has moved with them to care for Anya and to manage the professor's home. Karl and Lisa have suppressed feelings for each other, and the situation is further disturbed when a young rich student, Helen Rollander, takes on private lessons with the professor.


Lester Cole Brook Bray 
Mrs Roper Janice Snowden 
Liza Koletzky Laura Wells 
Professor Karl Hendryck Bert Nisbert 
Dr Stoner Chris Summers 
Anya Hendryck Elsa May 
Helen Rollander Kimberley Buchan 
Sir William Rollander Mike Crowl 
Detective Inspector Ogden Ashley Stewart 
Police Sergeant Pearce Jonathan Booth 


Stage Manager Christine Johnston 
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Byas 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
  Don Knewstubb 
Set Decor Brian Beresford 
  Rebecca Glover 
  Feather Shaw 
Properties Rebecca Glover 
Lighting & Sound Brian Byas 
Script Control Kay Masters 
Front of House Claire Wood 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated