Lady Susan

by Jane Austen
Opening Night 13 June 2014
Director: Louise Petherbridge

Selfish, greedy, scheming, cruel, and unscrupulous – but charming when it suits her purposes -- Lady Susan was the first of Austen’s ‘Women Behaving Badly’. She manipulates other people entirely in her own interest, revealing her thoughts and intentions in the many letters she writes to both victims and confidantes. Broadway producer Robert Moss created a script from Austen’s unfinished manuscript and has generously given the Globe permission to stage what will be its first production outside New York. All proceeds for this fundraising event will be given to the Globe’s conservation repair fund.


Lady Susan Terry MacTavish 
Catherine Vernon Jocelyn Harris 
Alicia De Courcy Elsa May 
Reginald De Courcy Ross Johnston 


Stage Manager Christine Johnston 
Lighting Design And Rig Brian Byas 
Lighting Operator Angus Dingwall 
Wardrobe Nina Duke Howard 
Photography Martin Swann 
Publicity Dale Neill 
  Rosemary Beresford 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated