I'm talking about Jerusalem

by Arnold Wesker
Opening Night 01 May 1963
Producer: Rosalie Carey

Every modern epoch seems to produce a small number of artists whose work provides society with an antidote to the awareness of its exhaustion. In Britain today it is Wesker, the romantic, whose romanticism transmutes even disillusion into an act of affirmation. His palys shame us into admitting the loss of emotion and the abdication from individual responsibility, that defiles the age in which we live.


Ronnie Kahn George Blackburn 
Ada Simmonds Heather Douglas 
Sarah Kahn Barbara Manton 
Dave Simmonds Bill McDonald 
First removal man Malcolm Davies 
Second removal man James McNeill 
Libby Dobson Don Hansen 
Colonel Dewhurst Bryans Elliott 
Sammy Spencer Jolly 
Danny Simmonds Christopher Carey 
Cissie Kahn Marian Coxhead 
Esther Kahn Marie Collins 


Stage management Bryans Elliott 
  Malcolm Davies 
  Linda Mercier 
Lighting Neil Walker 
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