A Midsummer Night's Dream (2014)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 24 July 2014
Director: Dale Neill

All manner of magical goings on will break loose on the Globe stage on Thursday 24 July when Shakespeare’s most loved comedy begins a nine- performance season. The mortal world of Dukes and Amazons, young lovers, and of a group of ham-acting tradesmen collides with the fairy sphere ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania. But the fairy monarchs of the forest are having a right royal bust-up, and this sets off a chaotic chain of comic events that has enchanted audiences for over 400 years.


Barbara Frame - ODT
Terry MacTavish - Theatreview


Theseus Paul Ellicott 
Hippolyta Helen Fearnley  
Egeus Campbell Thomson 
Lysander Nick Tipa 
Demetrius Andrew Brinsley-Pirie 
Philostrate James Hunt 
Hermia Miriam Noonan 
Helena Elisa Jones 
Quince Anisha C. Hensley Wilson 
Bottom Brook Bray 
Flute Reuben Hilder 
Snout Annika Lewis 
Starveling Oscar Macdonald  
Snug Sarah Caull-Luketina 
Oberon Dean Alan Jones 
Titania Laura Wells 
Puck Sofie Welvaert 
Peaseblossom Anna Dawes 
Cobweb Juliet McLachlan 
Mustardseed Katerina Thompson 
Moth Laniet Swann 
Fern Nina Duke Howard 


Assistant Director Helen Fearnley  
Stage Manager Christine Johnston 
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Byas 
Lighting/Sound Brian Byas 
Set Design Dale Neill 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
  Don Knewstubb 
Set Painting Sofie Welvaert 
  Dale Neill 
  Helen Fearnley  
Costume Design Nina Duke Howard 
Costume Design Assistant Sofie Welvaert 
  Elisabeth Duke 
Photography Miguel Nitis 
Video Trailers Andrew Brinsley-Pirie 
Poster Sofie Welvaert 
Marketing Rosemary Beresford 
  Keith Scott 
  Dale Neill 
Front of House Leanne Byas 
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